The True Way of Salvation

With Paul we absolutely deny the possibility of self-merit. God never yet gave to any person grace and everlasting life as a reward for merit. The opinions of the papists are the intellectual pipe-dreams of idle pates, that serve no other purpose but to draw men away from the true worship of God. The papacy

What if God Allows Suffering?

Facebook has become for me a theological ‘battle-ground.’ Unlike the pictures which are meticulously filtered, the ideas are never filtered. The biggest debate this week has been that of the sovereignty of God. It may seem pretty obvious to you that God is in control, “of course He is,” you might say, but it may

The True Nature of Sin

When is sin a sin? Isn’t that the most asked question in church today? What about playing the lottery, is it sin? Where do we draw the line? You will agree with me that chalking the line to what qualifies as sin and what doesn’t is not a piece of cake. Especially so, in a

Naked and Ashamed—a Sermon Audio

On 1 December 2016 I preached the inaugural sermon at THE FELLOWSHIP, a new gathering meeting at Praise Academy, Nansana Uganda on Thursday evenings. I took the opportunity to teach from Genesis 3:1-10. There is no better place to start than Genesis chapter three because it’s important to get to the problem first before we can

Abiding in Myself

Let me confess at the outset that this is written for me. I wrote it down because I need it, it’s a sermon that I preached to myself and if it helps you, good! I want to communicate something really sensitive, something that would be classified as being ‘border-line’ in nature because some things are