Illustrations of Grace: Scandalous Exchange

A man not fit to live with humans is brought to court for sentencing. He stands before the jury because he rapes women even under aged children;

breaks into people’s houses to steal and so many times leaves the victims dead. He never pays his taxes, he drives without license. Generally, he is all the time on the wrong side of the law.

A bad guy, a public enemy—he is a threat to the public—and could be charged with treason, sexual assault, murder, possession of illegal items, theft, and so many other offenses. And the sentence? Maybe life imprisonment, or even death by hanging, firing squad, but the people think he deserves more than that.
The judge then delivers a sentence, “death by hanging.”

But in the twist of events, the judge offers to serve the punishment so that this bad guy can go away scot-free! Because according to the judge, “this messed up guy deserves a second chance!” He adds, “I will take up your badness, go and die on your part so that you can be set free from that wretch of a life you are leading.” 

Moral: Jesus Christ, the judge took up our badness, shame, unworthiness, fakeness and went to serve the punishment which was meant for us so that we could get away scot-free, uncondemned (Romans 8:1). By and through Him (Jesus) alone, those who are in Him receive this free gift of grace.

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