In Christ Jesus, all our Needs have Already been Met

Our attempts at self-gratification have always been primary in creating a rift between God and us. This is known to Jesus and its what He
preaches about in Matthew 6: 25-34.

We are by nature addicted to self-gratification, and these attempts always end in worrying.
We worry because we are not sure of what tomorrow will hold (vs. 34). Our worries point to our brokenness: that even when we attempt at self-gratification, we are not sure if the odds will be ‘for us.’ There is always a loud voice saying that the odds will be ‘against us.’ And we tend to listen to that last one more.

Worry is like a huge bill board that reads: ” welcome to the dwelling place of unbelief.” To see that we cannot even believe in ourselves reveals how the calls to ‘believe in ourselves’ are a false hope, which amount to nothing but more worrying.

But Jesus is aware of this. He has a cure for it in verse 33: “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”
Jesus here is exposing our emptiness and pointing us to the wholeness of a loving God.

He is saying that our focus should change: from looking inside of ourselves for what can only be found outside of us–at the feet of Jesus.
In verse 32b, Jesus says: “your heavenly father knows that you need them.” But His statement that follows in verse 33 shows that these material things we crave are not primary. What is primary is to “seek first his kingdom and righteousness.”

When we come to the realization that God knows and will always meet our [material] needs, we are set free to glorify him alone.
The loud voice that shouts “the odds are against you” is displaced by a still small voice which assures us that “the odds are for you” because Jesus went through the valley of death and came out victorious.

By His perfect sacrifice, He has secured for us all we need and can ever long for. Our need to procure for ourselves what Christ has already procured for us is then overcome by our celebration as we accept the gift that is Jesus Christ and rest in what He has procured for us.. Because in Him alone we have all we can ever desire and long for.

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