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Category: Teaching

Introducing: The Great Pursuit—a Study series through Jonah

Last month, the amazingly gracious guys at THE FELLOWSHIP, a weekly bible study gathering just outside Kampala, Uganda gave me the opportunity to teach through the book of Jonah.

In a study I called “The Great Pursuit”, I set out to explore How God meets our sin and rebellion with His Amazing Grace by crashing our idols and winning us to Himself. Listen or download the audio to listen online. There are two parts; Episode 000 is the intro of the book while Episode 001 is the teaching from Jonah 1:1-4.

And I also provide my sermon transcript free, find it here. Enjoy!

Naked and Ashamed—a Sermon Audio

On 1 December 2016 I preached the inaugural sermon at THE FELLOWSHIP, a new gathering meeting at Praise Academy, Nansana Uganda on Thursday evenings.

I took the opportunity to teach from Genesis 3:1-10. There is no better place to start than Genesis chapter three because it’s important to get to the problem first before we can point to the solution. Light can only be so when cast amidst darkness, it is here, therefore, that I paint the picture of the darkness we find ourselves into and then to the hope outside of us.

I pray that God will speak to you and set you free using this message. And if you find it helpful, fell free to download it and share with friends.


NOTE: Most of what I say in the .mp3 audio sermon can be found in this blog post.