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348 Words on Winning without Ever Lifting a Finger

When our world talks about winning, what comes to mind is adequate preparation, meticulous planning, to-the-dot execution, and later celebrating the victory. In pedestrian terms, down here, wins don’t come easy. The saying goes: “success comes to those who are prepared.”

Winning takes a toll on you. You do the work. You sweat in exchange for a hard earned win. This is how we have been schooled and this was God’s judgement to Adam in Genesis 3: A combination of sweat and soil were to produce the bread which would then feed his wife and children.

But there is another story of winning. It is Apostles’ story. Acts 5:17-21 tells the story of how the Angel of the Lord comes down to open the prison cells in which the Apostles had been locked up. The first word the Angel says is “Go” not “give me a hand here”.

The Apostles are passive in this case. The victory is theirs but they did nothing to enable it. They just open hands and take the gift of victory. It is theirs by faith.

Such is Christianity, God in Jesus who is the head of the church does the sweating, the bleeding and dying, and the church takes the victory. Just like that. He becomes poor so that we will become rich. He loses everything so that you and I will earn everything. Because Jesus was poor in spirit for us, ours is the Kingdom of God.

The gospel story is a story of a God who gives trophies to bad kids who didn’t even finish their homework; it is a story about a slave who is adopted as a son to inherit the estate he had nothing to do with by faith alone.

Frankly, this is the best story ever told, the billion dollar lotto doesn’t come close. And who would be so silly not to take up on such a deal? A deal that asks nothing but gives everything to you. Not me. Certainly, not me.

“Sensible people, of course, should need only about thirty seconds of careful thought to realize that getting off scot-free is the only way any of us is going to get off at all”—Robert Farr Capon.